About our children

While our children are unique, they share a common need for a loving, stable, forever family.

There are so many reasons why children of all ages are placed for adoption. Yes, it is true that some have suffered neglect or ill treatment and have been removed from their home for their own safety and wellbeing. But that certainly is not always the case.

Some children may have special or complex needs and their birth parents feel unable to give the high levels of care and attention required, especially if they have other children to look after. In other cases, family circumstances might mean that it is in everyone’s best interests to provide a loving, stable and permanent home which the children may otherwise not experience.

At the moment, across Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Knowsley we need adoptive parents for children of all ages. However, we have a particular need for people who are willing to adopt children of all ages, who have special or complex needs, including maintaining contact with their birth family. And, children who may be part of a sibling group of brothers and sisters who need to be placed together.

There are very few new born healthy babies available for adoption. So if you’re particularly interested in adopting very young children, we’d really urge you to also consider children up to 3 or 4 years of age.