Jo and Sara adopt two brothers


Jo and Sara have recently been matched with two brothers aged three and six with the help of Cheshire West and Chester Councils adoption team.  The children have been placed with their prospective adopters since September 2015.  Here they tell their story of the process of becoming adoptive parents:


“We are now four weeks into the placement and I can honestly say the boys match our family perfectly and we are able to parent confidently”

“Each stage of the adoption process has given us time to reflect on our strengths, vulnerabilities and the needs of the children needing to be adopted. During the initial stage the pre-approval training we had with Knowsley Council really brought the reality of adoption to life for us and gave us a good understanding of the experience the children placed for adoption may have been through. During this time we also considered our motivation for adoption and the support network we had in place. This enabled us to start considering the types of children we may want to adopt.


Stage two of the process was an extremely informative time for us; our social worker was very easy to talk to, allowing us to discuss our past experiences at ease. This part of the process allowed us to reflect on our life experiences and highlighted for us our strengths and the understanding that we could provide a child. By the time we got to approval panel we were very clear about the types of children we would be able to parent confidently.

At approval panel we were approved to adopt a sibling group of two, this had always been our plan however during our home assessment this decision was reinforced. Due to my work environment we always knew it was going to be difficult for us to have a child placed with us from our own local authority area. Within five months we were matched with a sibling group of two from another local authority. The children were considered hard to place and we required lots of information before we fully committed to the match. The children’s local authority were a long distance from us so planning visits was a logistical nightmare. However, our social worker liaised with the children’s family finder to allow us to gather as much information as possible in one day.

We visited the children’s medical advisor who gave us information about current conditions and any future considerations, giving us a complete picture. We then visited our eldest son’s school and youngest son’s pre-school were we met teachers, learning support assistants and discussed the children’s needs. These visits also provided the opportunity to have a sighting of the children in their regular school environment. This helped us to choose a local school that would be most appropriate for the children. Following on from the school visit we met with their foster carers who were able to tell us the reality of living with the children and then we had a meeting to discuss post adoption support. As this was all completed within one day we were given time to discuss the day and process all of the information provided and ask any questions we had.

Both our local authority and the children’s local authority worked together to ensure that we were completely informed about the boys. We are now four weeks into the placement and I can honestly say the boys match our family perfectly and we are able to parent confidently based on all the information we have been given.”